Amenities and fees

Forest Quadrangle is located in the southeast part of campus—an easy ten-minute walk from the heart of campus, including the School of Public Health-Bloomington (SPH-B). It features several lounges, study rooms, music practice rooms, a dining court, a community kitchen, game room, computer lab, quiet study areas, and more. Living options include single and double rooms with a semi-private half bath between them. Floors are divided into all-male and all-female hallways.

The annual program fee is $200, which supports the additional events and activities you can access. Other small fees supplement off-campus travel opportunities.


THRIVE LLC evolved out of an existing Fitness & Wellness LLC with a long history and connection to the SPH-B through several departments and faculty, including Dr. Carol Kennedy-Armbruster and Dr. Bill Ramos. With the support of the school, the development of the Living Well course was created as an introductory experience for all LLC students. With the course's success, Living Well became part of the IU general education curriculum.

As SPH-B began to transition to an accredited public health institution, it seemed synergistic to provide learning, outreach, and practical application opportunities within the living-learning center. The concept of a home for students who were not only interested in areas in the school of public health but also those with tangentially related career paths, as well as those who want to live in a place that helps them focus on their well-being.