As part of your experience in the THRIVE LLC, you'll take two classes (the first during Fall semester, the second during Spring semester) with your fellow LLCers.

Both of these classes were designed to give you tools and resources to successfully navigate the transition to IU, while still focusing on your overall well-being.

SPH-R142: Living Well

This 3-credit course, offered in the Fall semester explores the 8 dimensions of wellness: social, emotional/mental, physical, environmental, financial, intellectual, spiritual, and occupational. Students will examine how each aspect of wellness manifests in their own lives and resources available on IU’s campus to strengthen their overall wellness.

The capstone project is a Public Service Announcement video, created by student groups, highlighting a wellness topic of their choice.

SPH-R145: Multidisciplinary Approaches to Wellness

This 2-credit course, offered in the Spring semester gives students the opportunity to build on the skills developed in SPH-R142. Students will reflect upon and have deeper conversations about the eight dimensions of wellness, synthesis information, and demonstrate their competency in the eight dimensions of wellness. This course will focus on the application, analysis, and evaluation of wellness.

Each week there will be a guest lecturer, speaker, or workshop in order to help students gain new perspectives, skills, and/or questions within the eight dimensions of wellness. They will analyze and evaluate the lecture and discuss relevant real-world topics. By the end of the semester, students will have enough experiential evidence to develop a personal wellness portfolio.

A core component of this course is the emphasis on giving back to the IU/Bloomington community through a mandatory 15 volunteer hours to be completed over the course of the semester.

Thrive Mentors are previous THRIVE LLC and/or current School of Public Health-Bloomington students who want to take a greater leadership role within the THRIVE LLC community. Thrive Mentors play a crucial role during the move-in week, "Warm-Up," and the first-four-weeks experience of all LLC members. 

Mentors will lead team building activities, attend events during the first four-weeks of class, and be a strong role model within the community. Mentors will have the opportunity to return to the THRIVE LLC during the spring semester to lead Red Carpet tours and interact with prospective students. They also will be able to join the LLC on their Habitat for Humanity Trip over Spring Break.  

By being a Thrive Mentor, students will have the opprotunity to guide the next generation of THRIVE LLC students and help to provide a welcoming and inclusive environment for everyone.

The THRIVE LLC Leadership Council is comprised of student-elected individuals who represent the LLC both on the floor and throughout all of IU. The Leadership Council exist to serve the needs of residents through the planning of opportunities for students to meet, socialize, have fun, and learn as well as through the provision of opportunities to represent and advocate for the interests and concerns of residential students in LLCs.

Being a member of Leadership Council is a great way to get involved and gain valuable leadership skills that will help you succeed during your time at IU and well beyond. In addition, participation in your Leadership Council will help you meet many new people -- and of course -- have a ton of fun!

PresidentOversees Leadership Council meetings, sets the meeting agenda, communicates with the RAs, Director, and other LLC members
Vice PresidentSupports the President during Leadership Council meetings, also communicates with LLC members and the Leadership Council
Secretary/TreasurerTakes detailed meeting notes, organizes them and posts for the entire LLC to review, manages Leadership Council funds, budgets events
Marketing & Communications ChairOverseeing communication between Leadership Council and the LLC, organizes and helps create marketing and promotional materials for events
Service ChairLeads discussion on LLC service events, helps plan service activities
Social ChairLeads discussions on LLC social events, helps plan social activities, such as door decorations for the holidays, organizing birthday recognition, karaoke night, pick-up games of basketball, anything that helps bring the LLC together and makes each individual feel seen.