How to Apply

Any student interested in wellbeing and/or interested in living a healthy lifestyle is encouraged to apply. Although the School of Public Health-Bloomington sponsors this community, all majors are welcome and encouraged to apply! Having a diverse group of voices, lived experiences, and cultures is what makes THRIVE LLC a unique experience for first-year students. We want to encourage all students to learn from one another and deepen their understanding of the world around them.

Choose the THRIVE LLC as your top preference when you complete your IU housing application. You will be asked to submit responses to a number of questions about your understanding of wellbeing and the impact you hope to make as an LLC community member. Space is limited in our community, so we encourage you to apply early.

Many students living in the THRIVE LLC are pursuing career paths related to public health, medicine, physical therapy, nursing, psychology, neuroscience, athletics and sport management. However, THRIVE has guided students pursuing music, dance, forensics, and many others.

Students who are directly admitted to the SPH-B are encouraged to apply as an avenue to connect with fellow SPH-B students. If you have already applied for housing, just log in again to your application and add the THRIVE LLC to your preference list, then complete our application questions. You will be added to our list of applicants.

Apply here